Move-Out Cleaning Guidelines

This is meant to be used as a guideline for cleaning only.  Specific requirements and standards will be based on the condition your unit was when you moved in.  We take extensive move-in pictures and will compare the move-out condition and cleanliness to those pictures in order to determine if or how much cleaning is required after you have vacated the unit.

  • Dust / vac plant shelves, return air grills, and ceiling fans.
  • Remove / clean and reinstall all light globes and ceiling exhaust fan covers.  Clean / dust ceiling fan motors and light fixtures / bulbs.  Replace bulbs as necessary.  Hand clean exposed light bulbs.
  • Dust/chem clean where necessary all closet, pantry & laundry shelves and baseboards.
  • Chem clean all switch plate covers, spot clean walls, doors & jambs & door knobs.
  • Swiffer/Dust & Chem Clean, if necessary all blinds including Patio Door vertical blind.
  • Dry-brush & vacuum tracks on all windows & sliding glass door then wet clean vinyl tracks & window sills/frames making sure to remove mildew. Remove adhesive stickers & tape then Windex all interior glass & mirrors AND exterior glass on sliding glass & screen doors.
  • Remove wood & vacuum inside fireplaces. Clean inserts/grills/glass surrounds.
  • Remove everything from all closets, including hangers, all drawers & cabinets.
  • Surface & edge vacuum all floors including baseboards & carpeted stairs.
  • Chem mop all non-carpeted floors.
  • Clean outside of washer & dryer. Remove all lint from dryer. Clean inside entire washing machine. Dust/sweep/vacuum around & behind both units.
  • Vacuum/dust/chem clean any other cabinets, shelves & window seats in all bedrooms & hallways.
  • Wet/Chem clean window blind slats as necessary.
  • OVEN/STOVE TOP/RANGE HOOD– Self-clean if available then chem clean inside include door & racks.. Chem clean top of stove top & underneath include sides removing all food residue. Chem clean or replace drip pans & range hood exhaust grease vent cover. Remove bottom drawer to clean it & floor underneath. Chem clean control panel & knobs and entire range hood.
  • MICROWAVE – Remove/clean glass turntable, grease vents in dishwasher. Chem clean inside unit & underneath & remove/clean exhaust vent cover along the top. Thoroughly chem clean entire exterior of unit.
  • FRIDGE/FREEZER – remove & hand wash all shelves/drawers/door railing. Chem clean all door seals. DO NOT UNPLUG. Empty ice trays & turn off ice-maker. Set controls at warmest settings. Move unit to clean walls behind & floor beneath. Remove/clean kick-plate. Thorough chem clean top, sides & front especially the handles.
  • DISHWASHER – chem clean inside including around the inside of the door. Wipe down door front & sides.
  • GARBAGE DISPOSAL – Run with ice & baking soda to clean & deodorize.
  • CABINETS – Vacuum all debris from tops, shelves & drawers then chem clean all surfaces including tops, doors, drawers,shelves & rails including pantry.
  • SINK/FAUCET – Remove all hard-water deposits & stains around faucet & sprayer then comet scrub sinks & faucet. CLR soak/scrub sprayer.
  • HARDWARE – Chem clean all cabinet hardware & make sure all screws tight & secure.
  • ZIP all sink & tub drains.
  • CLR soak/scrub shower-heads.
  • Treat mildew & scrub to remove.
  • Pumice cloth/scrub hard-water deposits & stains around all faucets/drains & tub/sink flat surfaces then chem clean sinks & faucets.
  • Chem clean inside & outside of glass doors on showers or tubs including tracks/hardware then Windex both sides.
  • Chem clean tub & shower units including surrounds and/or tile.
  • Chem clean/sanitize/pumice toilet bowls in/out, tank exterior & all surfaces of toilet seat. Hand clean baseboards & lower walls surrounding toilet.
  • Vacuum then chem clean vanity doors, drawers & shelves including all medicine cabinets.
Deep Clean Extras
  • Remove/clean/reinstall floor vent registers & hand remove then vacuum vents.
  • Spray paint floor vent registers.
  • Hand chem clean baseboards.
  • Full chem clean entire door & jamb surfaces.
  • Razor blade & pumice cloth soap scum/hard water deposits from glass doors in bathrooms.
  • Scrape/blade/scrub gum, gook & black marks off non-carpeted floors.
  • Chem mop walls & ceilings.
  • Pull out oven to clean sides of unit & sides of cabinets & back wall.
  • Pull out & clean walls behind & floor beneath washer/dryer units.
Garage / Patio / Entryway
  • Remove all personal items.
  • Dust/clean all shelves/cabinets/windows.
  • Sweep entire garage/patio.
  • Swiffer/dust for cobwebs in all entryways especially around light fixtures.
Yard / Exterior
  • Yard should be free of trash and debris.
  • Exterior windows should be clean and free from hard water deposits.
  • Lawn should be generally free of weeds with no bare patches.
  • Sprinklers should be correctly set for the time of year and watering needs.
  • Lawn should be mowed within several days of move-out.
  • Driveway should be free from any oil stains.