Real Estate Professionals

Property investors look to you, the Real Estate Professional, because you are the authority when it comes to Real Estate Sales.

  • You know what a property is worth.
  • You know the best area of town to purchase a home.
  • You know where the good deals are.

What about after the sale?

  • Will this property bring enough rent to cover the mortgage?
  • What is the average time a property in this area of town takes to rent?
  • What is the rental pricing trend in this area of town?
  • Are prices going up, or down?
  • Is this trend specific to a single area of town, or over the entire Treasure Valley?

Dreamcatcher Properties of Idaho has the experiance to help you with these difficult, but crucial, questions. Enabling you to offer the best possible investment properties to your customer. We are not only here to support your customer after the sale, but we are here to assist you throughout the sales process. We encourage you to call us and we will gladly gather the specific information you are looking for at no cost. All we ask in return is you recommend our professional property management services to your customer.

You are the authoritative figure in the Real Estate Market. Dreamcatcher Properties of Idaho, is your authoritative partner in the rental market.